Classic Features You Should Know about Episode – Choose Your Story


Episode Interactive launched the most wanted and exciting game Episode – Choose Your Story. It is present out for both Android and IOS platforms. Users can either download it from their game stores or else they can also get it by downloading its apk from different sources on the internet. The game offers in-app purchases to its players. It means that players can buy in-game items easily via real-life money.

Another main thing is that the Episode – Choose Your Story also provides its users with high quality and classic sound quality that makes it more realistic than before. The game includes thousands of new and interesting stories in it, and it includes two types of in-game currency in it. These two types of in-game currency are in the form of gems and passes. Players can earn these currencies by completing more and more stories or also by using Episode Cheats.

Features that you need to know

Mentioned below are some main and essential features of the game which every single individual need to know properly as to play the game accurately –

  • The game contains two types of in-game currency that are gems and passes.
  • Episode – Choose Your Story deals in thousands of new and exciting stories.
  • Lots of characters and it also offers its players with in-app purchases.

These are some main features of the game, and it also provides many other features that make Episode – Choose Your Story more exciting and interesting in playing.

Conclusive words

So, it is recommended that players earn a good amount of gems and passes as to get full enjoyment from Episode – Choose Your Story. The more and more stories players’ complete in the game, the more in-game currency they earn in it. Another way, which is described earlier that players can also earn in-game currency by applying Episode Cheats. It is the easiest and simplest method to deal with a good amount of passes and gems.